Gaedren Lamm

Despicable old crook. All around miserable cur of a man.


Lamm is a jaundiced and bent corpse of a man, his eyes yellowed and skin speckled from age. His left leg carries a pronounced limp as he shuffles about. Lamm’s old skin can’t stand the chafe of armor, and thus he typically wears but a gray cotton robe. He is often seen wearing a tattered strawbrim hat to shield his bald head from the sun.


Gaedren is past his prime and missed his shot at being a big player in the Korvosan underworld. This slippery slimeball abducts orphans and forces them to support his despicable lifestyle with petty crime. His crew of abducted orphans are known as his “lambs”.

Gaedren saddles this grey line between paying his vice taxes and hiding his worst offenses in order to avoid answering for his more heinous crimes.

Gaedren Lamm

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