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  • High Bridge

Roughly half the population of longshoremen and fishermen live in the cheaper tenements of Pillar Hill. High Bridge is home to it’s fair share of Korvosan Guards and Sable Company marines.

  • Pillar Hill

The most demographically diverse ward in Midland and the entire city. Pillar Hill houses both welthy Merchants and hard-working laborers. The ward also claims variety in the races and ethnicities of it’s residents.

  • Slope

As its name implies, this ward is on the eastern slope of Citadel Hill. Depsite its proximity to rough-and-tumble West Dock, Slope holds the second most number of libraries, museums, and places of culture. Many engineers live in this ward. (Especially those who built the Great Tower.)

  • West Dock

This rugged ward does not contain any residences. It is home to many warehouses and fish processing facilities (as well as meat packing). The Winds push the smells south-east. Druids frequent the docks urging fishermen to release their catches.

Midland District

Notable Eateries and Establishments

  1. Bailer’s Retreat
  2. Creaky Hammock
  3. Arams Crown (Eodred’s Walk)
  4. Keps (Eodred’s Walk)
  5. Smoked Foods (Eodred’s Walk)


  1. Bookmaker
  2. Gold Market (A collection of minor fooderies and minor crafts)
  3. Eodred’s Walk (A collection of shops)
  4. Arams Crown
  5. Basha’s (Scrolls, Texts, Bookstore)
  6. Doom and Gloom (Harrowing)
  7. Galloping Ghost (Tack and Barding)
  8. Gemshare Jewelers
  9. Hedge Wizardry (Alchemical/Magic supplies)
  10. High Bridge Haberdashery (clothing)
  11. Keps (Fish)
  12. Fair-Fished Baitshop (Fishing Supplies)
  13. Pinking Shears (Barber)
  14. Slicing Dicers (Blades)
  15. Smoked Foods
  16. Time Stop
  17. Trappers Hole (Archery and hunting equipment. No Crossbows.)
  18. Pesitco’s Dolls And Figurines


  • Eodred’s Square


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