Rules and Advice

Overall Idea

The game will be a narrative based game centered around your character teaming up with old friends to save the city they grew up in. The game will take place exclusively in the city of Korvosa as well as it’s nearby swamps, towns, and the occasional arcane pocket dimension.

Expect this game to cover many issues such as racial tensions, class warfare, rebellion, war, and disease.

This game will require heroes with motivations greater than greed. Each character should have a motivation to want to save the city without completely destroying the city and starting anew. Better yet: think of a problem the city has that your character cares about and wants to see changed over the course of the game. (Something specific that we can hash out during our creation session.)

Examples: exonerating someone out of prison, cleaning up this street they grew up on of crime, protecting their family from threat X, right a wrong they committed against someone, repair Korvosa/Shoanti relations, etc.

Character Class Advice

Alchemists, bards, rogues, and fighters fit in nicely to the game and go without much saying else.


Playing a barbarian in a civilized place means you probably of a heritage or background of a non-Korvosan native. One idea would be to be the child of a Shoanti. Another would be to play someone who traveled elsewhere to Korvosa. Other places like the Ulfen people of the Lands of the Linnorm Kings could work.


Many of the encounters will be taking place indoors or on foot so expect to not have much use of your mounted combat abilities. Additionally, different parts of Korvosa itself hamper movement. In some places around the bridgefront, there’s barely 6ft of clearance.


Clerics of any of the non-evil religions detailed in the Religion section would work fine, although gods associated with nature or agriculture might feel a bit our of their elements. If you are already familiar with the Golarion campaign world, and would like to worship a non-core deity, let’s chat first.

Patron Deity: Clerics must worship and follow a single, specific god. There are no clerics of philosophies or pantheons. (If you wish to play a divine spellcaster that does not worship a specific god, you should choose a druid or oracle instead.)

Druid: This is an urban-based campaign, and many druids may feel out of their element. It would be hard to justify a character living in Korvosa to have a large wild animal companion, like a bear or a crocodile. Having a wolf or small wildcat would probably be fine; otherwise taking the domain option instead of an animal companion would be a good choice.

Druids are not generally trusted or thought of well by Korvosa’s citizens, primarily due to the actions of a cabal of bitter and almost feral druids who frequent the waterfront of West Dock, where they act as nuisances and scoundrels. Even other druids tend to think of this group as troublemakers, and on the few instances where druids do need to visit the city, they keep low profiles.

There are a few druids who have become attuned to the natural pulse of an urban environment as if Korvosa itself is an ecosystem.

Oracle: In a city the size of Korvosa, there are bound to be oracles. The mysteries of Bones, Flame, Life, and Lore would all be good choices, as would be the Ancestors mystery from Ultimate Magic.

Rules and Advice

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